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Isn't One Website Enough? »

So you hired a computer nerd and now you have a dealer website. Isn't that enough? Actually no, it's not.

One website will get you one search engine result on Google, maybe. That is, if the online customer keys in your town, along with the make and model of your brand, they might get to see a link to your dealership. More often than not, they won't see your dealership at all. Sad, but true, many times that's the score: 1 Website = 0 Search Results.

Huh, how could this happen? If your website isn't showing up at the top of the search results, then it's hidden from your customers and th... Continue Reading

Are You Attracting the Right Internet Shoppers to Your Dealership? »

The true measure of success for your Internet sales and marketing strategy is how well you're doing attracting the right shoppers to your showroom. Who are the right shoppers? You know them… they are well educated about your brand, they know the models and options, they understand what a fair price is, and they're ready buy. Having your sales professionals spend time with these shoppers can mean the difference between making your sales targets…or not.
So how do you get these Internet shoppers to your dealership without attracting the tire kickers? JD Power tells us that about 86% of all ca... Continue Reading

Dealers Must Own the Online Consumer Relationship »

Third Party Lead Providers work very hard to build relationships with online car shopper. They create highly functional websites that are well optimized to attract online consumers. They provide sophisticated online tools that help car shoppers evaluate their options and at the same time position themselves as a source of objective opinion, providing a sense of trust and confidence. While on these sites, online consumers are profiled, their personal information is collected, and it’s then packaged as a lead and sold to multiple Dealers.

Third Party Lead providers have positioned themselves... Continue Reading