Dealers Must Own the Online Consumer Relationship

Third Party Lead Providers work very hard to build relationships with online car shopper. They create highly functional websites that are well optimized to attract online consumers. They provide sophisticated online tools that help car shoppers evaluate their options and at the same time position themselves as a source of objective opinion, providing a sense of trust and confidence. While on these sites, online consumers are profiled, their personal information is collected, and it’s then packaged as a lead and sold to multiple Dealers.

Third Party Lead providers have positioned themselves as the broker of online car shoppers. This brokering process comes with a very high price to Dealerships in the form of;

• Lost customer relationships
• Unreasonable customer expectations
• Diminished control of the negotiation process
• Low or NO profit margins
• Lost deals
• High cost of leads that are almost always sold to multiple dealers

Dealers must take back the online consumer relationship. Dealers have spent millions of dollars over many years, sometimes generations, building their businesses and they should have direct access to their local online customers. Unfortunately, Third Party Lead providers have taken control of this relationship, disintermediating the Dealers in the process. Third Party Lead Providers have turned online car buying into a commodity, diminishing the value Dealerships provide to their customers, while siphoning millions of dollars of profits out of the industry.

Your Competitive Advantage is Your Online Presence encourages Dealers to fight back and take their rightful position in the search engine results page! Dealers should stop being held hostage by Third Party Lead provides, take back their online customer relationships and create their own high quality, exclusive Internet leads! has the solutions and consulting services to help Dealers succeed in this highly competitive Internet economy. Please fill out the form below or call us (800) 430-1593 and we’ll help you get started today!