Isn't One Website Enough?

So you hired a computer nerd and now you have a dealer website. Isn't that enough? Actually no, it's not.

One website will get you one search engine result on Google, maybe. That is, if the online customer keys in your town, along with the make and model of your brand, they might get to see a link to your dealership. More often than not, they won't see your dealership at all. Sad, but true, many times that's the score: 1 Website = 0 Search Results.

Huh, how could this happen? If your website isn't showing up at the top of the search results, then it's hidden from your customers and they won't be calling. It's like your website got all dressed up for a night on the town only to decide that it would rather stay home, make a frozen pizza, and watch MASH.

Here's the deal, if your dealership site plays nice with search engines then great, you get to show up to the party and get one link in the search results. If it doesn't play nice then Google will bury you on page 65, take its ball and go home. Game over. Thanks for playing.

So what's a dealership to do? Well, you could just keep doing what you've done for years, pay through the nose to internet bullies like Edmonds, KBB and Auto Trader that steal your lunch money and keep asking for more. Then, they take your rightful place in the search engine results, push your dealership site to page “who knows what” and make you pay for leads that they're going to sell to as many other dealerships as they can.

We at Dealer suggest that you fight back! Stand up to the third party lead generators and take back your rightful spot in the search engine results page. You can do this and we will help.

Have you heard the phrase "less is more"? Well, in this case "more is more." The more sites you have directing potential customers to you, the better.

So, let's talk about fishing. Are you going to catch more fish using one pole or 100 poles? Exactly, you're catching on... drops another fishing pole into the endless search engine ocean and we catch the fish before the other guys do. Actually, we help YOU catch the fish. You get that, right? We're on your side! We provide the tools that help you catch your own exclusive leads.

A little more on fishing… not only drops lots of lures exclusively for you to catch fish, there's something magic about these lures. Yes, magic lures! Magic, because they're basically "junk food" for search engines. Search engines just can't help themselves. They gobble them up.

Enough with the fishing analogy… These lures that we're talking about are actually additional websites for your dealership. They don't replace your dealership's site, they add to your existing internet marketing strategy by expanding your online presence. We call these sites, Lead Generating Tools (LGT).

So, are you ready to fight back and stop giving away your lunch money? Call today and we'll help you take get back what's rightfully yours.

If you don't really care about sales and you like spending tons of money on low quality leads then one website is more than enough. Otherwise, one website is hardly enough.