Automotive Dealer Websites

Dealer Traction automotive websites will make your Dealership stand out from the crowded automotive online marketplace. We design and build custom websites that reflect your Dealership's unique way of doing business - we never use templates! We employ the latest Internet technologies and search engine optimization techniques to ensure your website out ranks your competition. Dealer Traction websites will maximize your online presence, help build your brand and sell more cars!

What Our Customers Say

Our Dealer Traction website is so well optimized and produces so many leads that we were able to discontinue purchasing third-party leads. The response time of their support team and their ability to produce awesome creative content on short notice is a pleasant surprise as well.
- Don McEwen, VP and General Manager, Lundgren Honda of Greenfield, MA

Custom Website Design and Development

Dealer Traction websites are designed specifically for the Internet car shopper. Studies show that you have less than 10 seconds to present online shoppers with information they are looking for or they will leave and seldom come back. A well-branded appearance with a pleasing web design is key to grabbing the shopper’s attention. We then engage the online users with intuitive site navigation, well placed promotions and easy to find content. Dealer Traction always uses the highest quality graphical designs, vehicle images and videos to accurately reflect the Dealership’s brand and reputation. All of Dealer Traction’s website design and development is performed in-house by our development team - nothing is ever outsourced or sent off-shore. Our develop team has years of experience and will work with you one-on-one from the design phase, through delivery and launch of your website. Our experienced copywriters will develop custom content that is unique to your Dealership. We optimize your website copy with content that is rich in automotive keywords and targeted specifically for the communities you serve.

It’s a well known fact that 90% of online car shoppers are going to visit a Dealership’s website before they come in for a test drive or purchase. So, it’s critical to provide tools that encourage free and easy communication with the Dealership, including toll free tracking phone numbers, well placed lead forms, email links and online chat. Dealer Traction has incorporated these tools in our websites to help convert online shoppers to your Dealership’s profit centers; new car sales, used car sales and fixed operations. We utilize a sophisticated “Funnel Strategy” that is integrated into our site navigation and website architecture. We refer to our website funnel as being slippery - it’s designed to move online shoppers quickly through the website funnel, to your profit centers and into a lead form enhancing first party lead generation.

Exclusive Website Architecture

Dealer Traction has designed and developed an exclusive website architecture from the ground up using the latest Internet technologies, programming and search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. The result is a lightning fast website that maximizes your online presence, provides a superior user experience and sells more cars!

Mobile Websites

Dealer Traction optimizes our Dealership websites to be viewed by modern mobile phones, workpads and tablets. This offers the mobile user a great online experience with access to all of the website features and functionality. We also provide the flexibility of mobile websites that match site navigation and selected functions of our Dealership Websites.

Inventory Management

Dealer Traction partners exclusively with HomeNet for vehicle inventory management. Our partnership gives us the capability to pull vehicle inventory, images and videos from any source. Our inventories are updated nightly to ensure you can merchandize new inventories on the web as quickly as possible. In addition, our partnership with HomeNet allows us to display your new and used vehicle inventories on third party automotive sites including, EBay Motors, Oodle Pro, and Facebook.

No Long-Term Contracts Required!

We understand that Auto Dealers are looking for flexible contract terms and want to avoid agreements that lock them in for many years. That’s why Dealer Traction offers the ease of No-Term contracts, or the flexibility of lower monthly payments with only a short-term commitment.

Website Analytics and Reporting

Dealer Traction measures the performance of our websites with Google Analytics. We create a custom dashboard for our Dealers and train them how to access reports online to monitor website performance, including lead tracking and conversion rates. Google’s state-of-the-art analytics tool uses a dimensional database that allows you to drill down and view performance data from multiple vantage points. Google Analytics is a third party performance measurement tool that provides a transparent view of your websites performance - nothing is ever hidden or masked from the Dealers. No other commercially available website performance management tool provides this level of detail.

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